Ear contouring or Otoplasty is a type of ear cosmetic surgery that is done to improve the ear’s shape and position. If your ears are protruded, they can be repositioned close to the head and they can also be resized to be in proportion with your other facial features.

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning, is performed to re–set more prominent ears closer to the natural position on the head. This ultimately prevents the ears from sticking out. Otoplasty can also be performed to reduce the size of large ears. This ear cosmetic surgery can be performed on children starting at the age of four or five when the ears are almost fully-grown. It can also be performed on both older children and adults; however it is preferable to do the surgery at a younger age when the ears are more soft and flexible. Performing the surgery at an early age can also potentially diminish self–esteem issues as a result of bullying and teasing. However, it is important to listen to your child, as they will give important clues as to whether their protruding ears are an issue to them and when the best time to consider otoplasty surgery would be.

This procedure is done under general anaesthetic and takes approximately 1–3 hours to perform. During the surgery, a small incision is made in the back of the ear to expose the cartilage. The cartilage is then re–sculpted to allow for the ear to bend back toward the head. If necessary, a piece of cartilage will be removed to make sure the most natural appearance is achieved. The incision is made within the natural fold of the ear to conceal the small scar that will fade over time.

Why Would You Need an Otoplasty?

You could benefit from ear cosmetic surgery such as ear contouring (otoplasty) if you have large or protruding ears that look awkward in relation to your head. If you have asymmetrical ears, otoplasty can also fix the contours, thereby enhancing your physical appearance.

Whether you have acquired or congenital ear irregularities, otoplasty can correct these problems and spare you from the psychological trauma of being teased. Although anyone can safely undergo ear contouring at any age, it is best that the procedure be done at ages 5 or 6, before the ears have fully developed. If you have a child with large or irregularly shaped ears, surgery is recommended before the child enters school to prevent bullying from classmates. Otoplasty can provide the confidence for patients to wear certain hairstyles they would have otherwise avoided.

What to Expect?

Prior to ear cosmetic surgery, you will undergo initial consultation in order for Dr. Assad to assess your physical and emotional readiness. This is also a period to discuss your expectations, and to provide information about past and present medical conditions, previous surgeries, treatments and medications that you are taking.

During the ear contouring surgery, the cartilage will be reshaped in order to bring the ears closer to the head and correct protruding ears. Usually, it is done by creating incisions behind the ear, so that the scars will subsequently be hidden in the natural skin crease. After the operation, a soft dressing will be left in place for 3-5 days.


After Otoplasty, it’s normal for your ears to feel numb, but you can expect it to clear up within a few months. Although mild pain can be expected, you typically would not need painkillers for more than several days. Usually, you can return to your normal activities within ten days or less, although activities such as bending, lifting, straining, and contact sports should be avoided during the early periods after surgery.

Dr. Assad routinely performs ear cosmetic surgeries and for patients of different ages. Although full healing after ear contouring may take some time, the rewarding result is long-lasting. Dr. Assad’s patients have all felt beautiful and confident about themselves after their otoplasty procedure, which is our ultimate goal for anyone who feels inferior because of their appearance.

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Cosmetic earlobe surgery is the process of repairing ear lobes that are stretched out, drooping, ripped or torn. Earlobe repair should not be mistaken for otoplasty or ear surgery as the latter is done to repair deformed or protruding ears. Many people seek earlobe repair especially when their ear lobes have been marred by earrings and to restore overstretched earlobes due to body piercing.

Earlobe Surgery ABCs

The length of earlobe cosmetic surgery typically takes an hour however, there are cases that the procedure will exceed an hour and this is dependent on the amount of reconstruction your earlobes require. The surgery is likewise performed with the use of a local anesthesia.

For stretched or droopy earlobes that are sometimes caused by the insertion of earlobe spacers , Dr. Assad would need to excise the excess skin so that your earlobe size can be reduced.

There are also earlobes that are split fully due to damage and in these cases Dr. Assad would need to attach both sides of the lobes with a suture. It would require removal of the injured ear piercing tract. After that the inner, outer and fatty tissues in between will need to be sutured together. This type of surgery can only be performed once the earlobe wound has healed. On the other hand, earlobe repairs that are not fully torn can be operated on right away.


After the surgical process you may feel a bit of discomfort and this can easily be treated with over the counter pain pills. Dr. Assad will advise you on the applicable pain medications that you can use along with instructions on how to take care of your earlobe for speedy healing.

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