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With Breast Implants Size Matters. But it’s Not the Only Thing.

By August 19, 2015 Breast Implants No Comments

breastaugWith Breast Implants, Size Matters.

But it’s not the only thing.

Breast implants come in all shapes, sizes, profiles, and even “feels” that make it possible to get breasts that look amazing, and amazingly natural.

You’re a lucky lady, because you’ve got more choices than ever to get the look you imagine.The only thing about having so many options is that it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by it all. To help you stay sane and still get an idea of what breast implants might be best for you, we say keep it simple.There are two things you should focus on when it comes to choosing implants:

  • How do I want to look?
  • How can I make sure my new breasts fit my lifestyle?

Then, it’s your plastic surgeon’s turn to help you find the implants that will get you the best of both worlds. Just make sure you’re crystal clear about how you want to look. This means using visual aids. Bring in photos of breasts you like (actual before & after’s are best, but also bring in pics of clothed models).Be ready to say what you like about the way these women look and why.

The thing about size is…

Breast implants size (measured by cubic centimeters, or “cc”) only matters as far as it will help you get the look you want.

What limits how big you should go?

1. Your current breast size.  This matters because you’ve got to have enough existing breast tissue to cover the implant. If you haven’t got a lot to spare, some implants may just be too big to fit.
2. Your chest and shoulder width.  Fortunately, implants come in different base widths so you can get a size that works well with your frame.

Your lifestyle matters too … a lot

You want your breasts to look and feel great for years, right? You’ve got a long, wonderful life ahead of you, and your implants will be right there too.

Be too conservative and you might wish you’d gone with the bigger implants.

On the other hand, going too large might set you up for back pain or sagging a few years down the road.

Does your perfect weekend involve a marathon day of shopping, or an actual marathon?

While thousands of augmented runners, triathletes, and even bodybuilders enjoy their sports without giving a second thought to their breast implants (except maybe to smile in the mirror), the happiest of these athletes have implants that give them the shape they want without being too big to exercise comfortably.

Talk to your plastic surgeon about your activity level – he’ll have had patients like you before and will be able to help you choose the right size.

Now the fun part: trying breast implants on for size

One of the most important appointments you’ll have with a plastic surgeon is your breast implant sizing session. This is when you’ll be given a special bra that fits a variety of sizes, shapes, and profiles of implant to help you see how each implant changes your silhouette.

While seeing yourself in the mirror is pretty awesome, here are some insider tips to help you make the most of your sizing session:

  • Bring a light-colored, low-cut tee shirt to wear.  This will help you envision what’s possible with cleavage and the light color will better highlight your curves.
  • Try on sizes that you think are too large and too small.  Part of choosing the right size is knowing how you don’t want to look.
  • Bring a friend who knows you well.  Yes, it’s your decision, but a good friend will keep you in check if you start to get carried away and be able to help you see what’s really “you” and what’s not.
  • Ask a nurse or patient coordinator for her feedback.  Not only will she have a lot of experience helping women try out different sizes, but chances are she’s a patient herself. While ultimately your opinion matters most, we’re here to help.

Want to find your perfect fit? Schedule a free consultation!

Your free breast augmentation consultation includes a personal implant sizing session, where you can try on your new look to find your perfect match. Board certified plastic surgeon & breast surgery specialist Dr. Chris Assad will spend time with you to understand your goals and help you make the right choices. Call 905.315.9994 for your appointment today!


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